Welcome to CASA BOTTU / THE ISLAND POOL VILLA (TIPV).  We would like to introduce you to house rules to make your stay as pleasant as possible. Please contact the villa caretaker or owner (host) for any queries or information you may need.

  1. Upon arrival at CASA BOTTU / TIPV, guests are to present their personal identification documents (passport or personal ID card) of all persons in your party to the facility host for registration with the authorities. It is best if you get along a photocopy of your id to avoid handing over the original documents. You will also be asked to fill up a registration form.
  2. Your host is available for any information or assistance you may require during your stay.  Your host can give you guidance on how to organize your trip or advise you on available options in Goa for sightseeing, well-known restaurants and bars and the nightlife. Some guides will be left at the villa for reference and the best places to visit.
  3. Our villa follows a standard check-in time of 14:00 hrs and check-out time of 10:00 hrs.  However, we are flexible on early check in and late check-out. However, you need to keep us informed of your plans in advance and early/late check-in/out is subject to availability only.  In the event that you request a late check-out, you will be subject to an additional charge.
  4. There is ample parking in front of the villa so do not worry in case your party has more than 1 vehicle.  We can accommodate up to 5 cars inside the property gates.
  5. Pets are STRICTLY not allowed.
  6. Smoking is not permitted indoors at CASA BOTTU / TIPV and is permitted only in open areas of the villa facilities (balcony, outdoors, pool area, etc.). Please do not discard cigarette stubs in the house, courtyard, or outside it and please take all fire prevention precautions for the safety of others and yourself.
  7. It is also forbidden to throw garbage in the toilets and other places around the property that are not provided for it by way of dustbins or in the yard near the house.
  8. Bed linen is changed every 3 days and towels every 2 days. Don’t worry - anytime else if you wish your towels or bed linen to be changed just ask the caretaker to get it done and we shall change them over.
  9. The villa owner or caretaker is not authorized to enter guest rooms without prior notification, nor to touch or use the guest's property. The host may enter said facility without the guest's presence only in cases when there is a reasonable doubt that there is a threat to the facility or the guest's property, or when there is a reasonable doubt that the House Rules have been violated.
  10. Please do not leave any important belongings unattended, like cameras, jewelry, important documents, cash cellphones, watches, laptops, iPod, etc. anywhere outside your room or within the villa premises. The villa management will not liable for any losses or damage. If this occurs please report it right away to the owner. Do not leave valuables in automobiles.
  11. As part of our approach to conserve energy, please turn off our lights and air-conditioning when you are out of your room or Villa. We highly appreciate it if you switch off all lights and Aircon when not required.
  12. For a peaceful atmosphere, we suggest all possible peace along with the Villa, living area & outdoors at all times.  This does not stop you from playing music, having a party, BBQ, or a dinner party outdoors with friends on the lawn backdoors. You are provided with a TV with cable channels and also a music system that plays music also via blue tooth (so you can stream music from your iPhone or Android devices directly).
  13. In continuation of the above point, please note there shall be no loud music or outside rental speakers or amplified music systems allowed on the property.  As the villa is situated on an island we strongly believe in preserving the peace and quiet nature of the place and respect the neighborhood so neighbors do not get disturbed.  Guests who cause a nuisance on the property and do not pay heed to advise from villa caretakers will be evicted.    The caretaker can advise what is the appropriate level of music to be played outside and inside the villa in case of a private get-to-gather or chill-out session.  The same applies to shouting and screaming at late hours which should be controlled on property lawns.
  14. There is no swimming allowed after 7 pm in the evening due to disturbance to neighbors and also chemical treatment of the swimming pool water.
  15. The price of the Villa includes water, electricity, gas, changing bedding in the rooms and towels in the bathrooms and cleaning of the villa.
  16. Free WIFI is available at the premises. Kindly ask the caretaker the UN and PW upon arrival.  (The owner strongly suggests switching off from the internet world when you are at the villa.  You need time away from the fast metropolitan pace in life!!! And there is nothing better and rejuvenating than just staying away from that phone, iPad, or computer at Casa Bottu – no Facebook, no whats app, no email, etc.   Try it.   You will return back home later fresh as a child going to school)
  17. Your villa has been provided with a WEBER BBQ Grill. Nominal cost for BBQ set up and cooking charges.  Please contact the caretaker for the arrangement of a BBQ in the evenings.  Suggest guests provide notification in advance for dates when you and your party would like to have a BBQ evening at the property so the caretaker can arrange accordingly for required stocks – remember we are not on the mainland). Payment for all the items can be done directly to the caretaker or can be brought by guests and provided. Note cooking charges apply per meal prepared (lunch or dinner) to the cook/villa team and are Rs 1000 for a group of max 9 guests and below and Rs 1,400 for groups of 10 guests and above and payable direct to the caretaker.
  18. Mosquitoes.  As you will be in the midst of lots of trees and greenery, very common all over Goa, note that mosquitoes are out every evening at nightfall.  Between approx. 6 pm to 8 pm.  During these 2 hours it's best you are indoors (having a shower or just preparing for the evening).  Post 8 pm you can be back outdoors or even in the pool area and no much worry.  Suggest you carry mosquito repellent cream which is best if you will be out in the evenings during this time.  The villa has mosquito repellent coils and goodnight repellent electric wall sockets provided – just ask the caretaker if not already in the room.
  19. You will be provided with a complimentary breakfast.  A breakfast menu will be provided to you in advance before arrival so you can pre-select the breakfast for the party in advance (this will help to prepare for this in advance with requirements and stocks at the villa).
  20. The guests can use the pool at their own risk and confirm to mind all children at all times when in the pool and also outside 24 x 7.   The guests confirm in case of injury or any other accident, by virtue of receipt of these ‘House Rules’ the guests have waived their rights to any kind of claims towards the villa owner and caretaker/staff and fully indemnify and hold harmless villa owner and villa caretaker/staff.  Please ask the caretaker for towels, floats for kids, balls, etc when heading out to the pool for a swim. The villa owner has no reservations on swimming costumes used in the pool if at all used. The pool can be used at any time of the day or night with respect for neighbors in case of usage during late hours at night.
  21. Adjustment at the rhythm of life and habits - We expect that you will adjust yourself to the relaxed rhythm of life on an island in Goa with the village susegad lifestyle (away from all the beach belt madness, noise and pollution and far away from your metropolitan city life).  Please refer to things to be done around the villa and in Goa.

"We thank you for your kind consideration."